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Digitalization Competence Center


Your digitalization partner

We support you in the digitalization of engineering, production, and business processes in the industrial environment. Our HEITEC 4.0 solution portfolio helps you increase the availability and productivity of machines and plants throughout their entire lifecycle, thanks to the gradual, benefit-oriented implementation of Industry 4.0.

We not only boost productivity, we also create many options for you to successfully implement new business models like digital services with the aid of innovative solutions.

The right solution for every step along the way

HEITEC offers comprehensive, customized solutions ranging from consulting and implementation to plant operation and service.

The “carousel of digitalization”

Benefit from the potential of the digital environment

Digitally mapping real machines in virtual models can significantly support the engineering process and commissioning. These virtual models can be used to test the functionality and behavior of automation concepts over time and to optimize process sequences even before the real plants and machines exist.

Maximize your roll-out quality

These models can be used to simulate all conceivable plant conditions, failures, and errors in a virtual scenario. The result is a substantially higher software roll-out quality for automation and drive solutions, reduced project risks, and better adherence to schedules. Parallel development processes can also significantly shorten the project duration.

Increased availability through parallel processes

Using the digital twin to perform analyses and optimizations – for example, sequence and recipe optimization, testing of product changeovers, and analysis of problematic and special situations during ongoing operation – creates brand-new possibilities, including operator training on the digital twin, integration of real plant controllers to avoid collisions, and training of modern algorithms.

How the “digital twin” can help you reduce costs

To see an example, visit:

EF-SPS2022 ( (German only)

Learn more about our solutions

Industry 4.0 Consulting

Consulting in the area of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation

  • Situation analysis
  • Potential/Ideation Workshops
  • Consulting and support for the project and introductory phases

HeiVM – Digital Engineering

Consistent use of digital methods and tools in engineering

  • Project protection based on modern methods
  • Increased efficiency through functional engineering
  • Production and process optimization, thanks to the digital twin

HeiTPM – Total Productive Manufacturing

Increased productivity in production

  • Transparency in production
  • Analytical optimization of production
  • Flexible production planning and control

From data acquisition to cost-efficient evaluation - digitalisation solutions for every interface

Digitalisation in production means obtaining relevant data. To do this, it is important to know the right interfaces and access the right data. For whom is it important to acquire and compare data? Which data is relevant? What can I compare them to? When does this result in a return of investment? Michael Rögner answers relevant questions in this video and shows solutions for almost every need.

Benefit from experts - HEITEC is a Siemens Solution Partner for Industrial Edge

HEITEC is officially a Siemens Industrial Edge Solution Partner with Expert Recognition! With this, HEITEC underscores its competencies in the industrial edge ecosystem, not least with the in-house development of the Predictive Maintenance Edge app and the Pneumatic Losses Use Case.

The award joins the previous awards, as they can also be viewed on the Siemens Partner Finder Site.

Partnerfinder Siemens

With the Predictive Maintenance App in particular, HEITEC offers a generic way to quickly and inexpensively evaluate machines with regard to their actual load. For this purpose, all essential data points are clearly listed from the circuit diagram in the HEITEC Predictive Maintenance Configurator and made available to both the PLC and the Predictive Maintenance Edge App via the import / export function. This means that actuator actions can be conveniently monitored in the future and displayed transparently with our HEITEC Monitoring Apps for Industrial Edge and MindShere.

Last but not least, our Pneumatic Losses Use Case also arouses great interest and inspires with its clearly understandable and easy implementation.

Monitor My Pneumatic Losses