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HeiTPM – transparent production
with our Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kits

"Using HEITEC Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kits enabled us to quickly and easily monitor relevant process and production data, which we then used to increase transparency and, ultimately, productivity in our production facilities."

Jörg Edler

CEO Edler GmbH

“The Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kit from HEITEC now allows us to monitor specific process variables and focus our preventive maintenance before an unplanned production outage occurs. This improves our process reliability and reduces maintenance costs by uncovering small problems before they become big problems."

Nico Buchner

CEO Buchner GmbH

HeiVM – Project protection using modern methods

“Along with its partner HEITEC AG, KROENERT GmbH & Co KG also performs virtual commissioning, which is the loading, testing, and modification of planning data on a virtual machine. Unlike mechanical components, software testing is often impossible until the machine’s modules, like winders and unwinders, are finished and fully connected electrically. In this case, there are several advantages to using the digital twin.”

Stefan Munko

Kroenert GmbH & Co KG

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