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Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kits

To increase transparency in production, our Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kits offer quick and easy upgrade solutions (plug & operate) for existing machines.

The following attractive features are available, either individually or in combination, either for purchase or as a service.

Which Upgrade Kit is right for you?

Using HEITEC Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kits enabled us to quickly and easily monitor relevant process and production data, which we then used to increase transparency and, ultimately, productivity in our production facilities.

Jörg Edler

CEO Edler GmbH

Monitor My Conditions

Monitoring environmental conditions

A multisensor suitable for the industrial environment monitors relevant environmental conditions like temperature, air humidity, air pressure, light, magnetic field, position, and acceleration. HEITEC’s ToP Monitor application monitors various configurable process limits of environmental conditions and creates the necessary transparency, which makes it possible, for example, to monitor bonding processes, identify spindle anomalies at an early stage, and much more.

Your benefits:

  • Transparent environmental conditions
  • Autonomous upgrade solution (possible without downtime)


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The Industry 4.0 Upgrade Kit from HEITEC now allows us to monitor specific process variables and focus our preventive maintenance before an unplanned production outage occurs. This improves our process reliability and reduces maintenance costs by uncovering small problems before they become big problems.

Nico Buchner

CEO Buchner GmbH

Monitor My Availability

Monitoring machine availability

The status of the indicator light is recorded by optical sensors. Alternatively, the relevant signals can be picked up simultaneously on the control panel.
HEITEC’s TopMonitor application offers a variety of features and makes machine availability transparent from any location – for example, a smartphone or tablet.

Your benefits:

  • Machine availability is easily accessible
  • Autonomous upgrade solution (possible without downtime)

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Collect My Disruption Reasons

Collecting operational data/reasons for disruption

The status of the production outage indicator light is automatically recorded by optical sensors and the reason for the disruption is chosen from a selection of predefined reasons displayed on a tablet. The data is supplied as a .csv file for purposes of analysis and provides the necessary transparency.

Your benefits:

  • Operational data and reasons for disruptions are transparent
  • Autonomous upgrade solution (possible without downtime)

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Monitor My Pneumatic Losses

Monitoring compressed air consumption

Using the right sensors, it’s possible to optimally record the compressed air consumption of production machines and lines for specific operating modes. As part of commissioning, actual consumption is recorded and a “fingerprint” is generated. A plausibility check is also performed to detect any existing leaks. Monitoring consists of a constant comparison of current consumption with the fingerprint that was stored. If a value falls outside the specified tolerance range, an alarm is automatically issued. In addition, the data recorded in Siemens’ Industrial Edge can be easily exported for the purpose of performing further detailed analyses.

Services by HEITEC

  • Consultation around mounting and selection of sensors
  • Projecting the solution
  • Commissioning
  • Plausibility check consumption
  • Setting up the fingerprint, optionally operating mode-specific
  • Optional hosting and operation of the Industrial Edge Management System

Your benefits

  • Operating mode-specific recording of actual compressed air consumption
  • Customized monitoring thanks to constant comparison
  • Real-time alarm feature
  • Transparency about compressed air consumption


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