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Maximum transparency to optimize your key performance indicators

HeiTPM IDX is the data hub for machine and plant operators to connect ERP systems and machines. The large number of connectors enables you to exchange data easily and securely. Through innovative microservices, HeiTPM IDX offers suitable analysis and evaluation options to support you in your data-driven decision-making processes. For example, keep an eye on your product from the beginning of production to the end. Find out how productive your machines and systems are running.

HeiTPM IDX adapts to your requirements, not the other way around. With HeiTPM IDX, you can rely on a scalable software solution that adapts individually and tailor-made to your requirements at all times.

Our entire knowledge of industrial automation across all sectors is consistently incorporated into the development of our digitization solutions. We connect almost every brownfield system on the shop floor to HeiTPM IDX.


Order management

HeiTPM IDX connects to your ERP system to make the task of managing work orders easier. You can also create orders directly within HeiTPM IDX.

Analyzing reasons for malfunction

HeiTPM IDX lets you gather, analyze, and aggregate causes of outages, and offers a number of options for evaluating them.


Product and order tracing

You can use HeiTPM IDX to trace the order process from the first individual component to the finished end product. HeiTPM IDX lets you trace products and the associated production parameters:

  • Recording your desired KPIs, such as OEE parameters – the first step in data-driven decision-making.
  • Asset management for your shop floor with a dashboard overview
  • Document management
  • Generation of individual reports
  • Transparency in production – Recording, visualization, and monitoring all relevant data

What HeiTPM IDX offers

Customizable web front end

Highly flexible and customizable web front end – expandable using individual widgets and functions

High-performance application

High-performance application/ framework – enables you to record and save large volumes of data from your shop floor using standard and native communication channels

Flexible distribution

Flexible distribution to IT systems such as MES, CAQ, or ERP systems

Functions as bridge

HeiTPM IDX forms the bridge between the synchronous world of the shop floor and the asynchronous world of IT


Native push notifications on smart devices

HeiTPM IDX – Your benefits


We create the connection for you between your production data and your orders, or your shift scheduling from SAP. The result is detailed, shift-by-shift production analyses.

  • Real-time data from the shop floor
  • Connecting machines and ERP systems using standard connectors




If the person in charge is currently in a meeting or on the move in the plant, we’ll notify you of any malfunctions in your machines via push notification.

  • Set dedicated user and event notifications
  • Even receive notifications on your smartphone via your HeiTPM IDX app




HeiTPM IDX forms a long-lasting intermediate layer, offering a low-cost alternative to ERP storage systems. That means you can generate analyses and reports even after a lengthy interval.

  • Long-term intermediate layer for aggregated long-term data retention
  • Reports can still be exported after an extended period




Product and batch tracing enables transparency and traceability in your manufacturing process and ensures reliable production workflows.

  • Trace your production along the entire value chain
  • Tracing of all desired production parameters



HeiTPM IDX – Use Cases

  • Line control system in a battery assembly line
  • Media billing system in building management
  • Worker management system for follow-up work in assembly lines
  • Machine and order monitoring in the packaging industry
  • Machine and order monitoring in textile manufacture


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