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HeiVM                            Digital Engineering

Our innovative digital approaches

Consistent use of digital methods and tools, from digital planning and virtual commissioning to the digital twin.

As an expert in automation and information technology, HEITEC has developed a consistent method for efficiently designing engineering based on mechatronic functional units and virtual commissioning. New opportunities are also being created for digital services like the digital twin.

This merging of technology and IT adds another new dimension to project planning and implementation in the production environment. With the digital twin to accompany the real plant, brand-new possibilities are created for efficiently designing production, maintenance, and modernization activities.

With its consulting and solution expertise, HEITEC supports its customers with the gradual and systematic introduction of engineering methods, from recording the actual situation to concept development and proof of concept in the “sandbox,” as well as support during the introductory phase and during subsequent use – for example, in the event of technological issues.

Project protection using modern methods

Preliminary commissioning using the virtual model reduces the project duration by about 15 percent while at the same time reducing project risks and increasing software quality. In addition to new plants, this method has also been proven effective for expansions and retrofit projects.

Process optimization, thanks to the digital twin

The virtual model (hardware or software in the loop) can be used as a digital twin throughout the entire service life of the real machine/plant in order to boost productivity and maintain high plant availability.

Using the digital twin for training purposes and for recipe optimization or collision prevention has been especially successful.

Increased efficiency thanks to functional engineering

Consulting and support for increasing efficiency in engineering through modularization and configuration (configure to order or CPQ = configure, price, and quote)